Corporate general management and business management need to evaluate the efficiency of processes and the results of their strategies so as to optimize performance.

Micropole therefore partners on both general and business management - risk management, human resources management, purchasing management-in the consulting and implementation of enterprise operational solutions, and also on variable compensation management.

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General management must be ever more watchful regarding the overall efficiency of their organizations. However, optimizing overall performance is more profitable and complex than maximizing individual function performance. From this standpoint, general management needs to adopt resource and means evaluation, measurement and management solutions.

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This is all about evaluating process efficiency and results obtained in relation to the means consumed. We partner general management in the implementation of overall management solutions:

  • Overall performance management based on the design and implementation of a Balanced ScoreCard (BSC). These structured dashboards (Key performance indicators, strategic objectives and actions) are particularly useful to general management, creating as they do a strategy design framework, which then translates into operational actions.
  • Process performance management via ABM (Activity Based Management)-type solutions.
    They enable having real knowledge of costs and margins related to each customer, product, service or business process.
  • Corporate Reporting. Many organizations run into issues in their reporting deployment, notably in the event of high decentralization levels. Our teams partner you in the design and implementation of reporting solutions in summary form at corporate level, and in federated form for the different business lines.
  • The Information System provides the basis for overall management of the corporation and its positions. Having been partitioned per business line for a long time, the new generation IS must now align itself to corporate operational and strategic management stakes. 

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All economic actors are faced with major changes coming from increasingly complex regulatory developments.

Regulation is no longer simply a question of making something compliant. Its impact on corporate economic models must consequently be integrated to the overall strategy.

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To tackle these issues, our expert teams propose an overall partnering offer. 
Audit assignments for control and internal audits:

  • Project Audits
  • Data quality Audits
  • Process and organization Audits

Risk detection assignments:

  • Organization and Governance: organization and implementation of operational governance structure assignments.
  • Needs analysis and risk management – focused project steering.
  • We partner you in your opportunity studies on software package solution choice and in implementing organization which secures procedural  follow-up and compliance

Partnering assignments centered on regulatory and compliance issues.

  • Regulatory strategy: Basel, Solvability, SOX, ANI …
  • Conformity
  • Anti-fraud and anti- money laundering
  • Anti-corruption
  • Reporting

Partnering assignments centered on information management or information governance issues.

  • Identification of strategic corporate data and repositories
  • Building a data urbanization path
  • Definition of usage rules and information management processes
  • Deployment of IT organizations and necessary businesses

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Micropole designs and implements HR performance solutions, to enable you to concentrate on expertise and management, leverage and talent development, skills management and steering within your teams. 

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We specifically partner you on the following themes:

  • HR performance management (headcount analysis, staff turnover, absenteeism…).
  • Headcount simulation and analysis (GVT, Noria effect, delayed effect…).
  • Variable compensation and incentive management (calculation and rule modeling, incentive simulation and scheduling).
  • Regulatory HR: Social management control and Employment and Working Conditions report.
  • Employment and skills forecast management.
  • HRIS urbanization (HRIS governance, application transposition to HRIS…).

By providing complementary services in change management, our experts facilitate the positioning of the

HR department as a real actor in corporate performance.

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Several levers are available to you to optimize your purchasing: streamlining supplier portfolios, new supply strategies or perhaps improving product/service profitability.

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We partner you from the design to the implementation of solutions geared to purchasing department performance management:

  • Strategic management: implementation of purchasing management indicators (average amount of purchases per buyer, number of negotiations undertaken versus the total purchase amount…) and knowledge of the supplier/product repository (dependency/dominance).
  • Supplier management: service quality analysis, volumes.
  • Product/service profitability analysis.
  • Purchasing process performance management: purchase requests, orders, reception, invoice control… 

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How do corporations and risk-takers manage their team remuneration in these times of crisis, faced with an increasingly competitive marketplace in which digital technology is changing customer relationships?

If some actors have already begun to think seriously about this topic, none of them would wish to limit themselves to an archaic compensation system which takes no account of current realities.  To understand the subtleties and the demands of this system, our team partners the Human Resources and Sales management in defining an insightful  variable compensation plan, bringing better performance for the company by favoring and making loyal both its high-potential staff  and its customers.

Numerous customer benefits 

  • Alignment of remuneration plans with strategic objectives
  • Development of direct and indirect actor performance
  • Staff motivation and loyalty through customized remuneration
  • In-house compensation fairness and competitiveness
  • Transparency for both staff and partners
  • Better payroll scheduling, analysis and forecast

Our partners

Micropole works in close partnership with two main partners on variable compensation management issues: IBM for its   Varicent Sales Performance Management solution and Excentive, for its Total Compensation Management solution.

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