Our vision

For the corporation which knows how to take advantage of it, the mass of available data is a manna which can strengthen your business, enrich your repositories and even re-shape your business.

However, it is crucial to check the potential value of the data you gather before adding them to your business information capital. 

Our Businesses

We partner you on your strategic, organizational, technological and methodological transformations.

A Big Data project is no ordinary one. It will trigger major changes which must necessarily be based on your corporate strategy. The Micropole teams partner you on:

  • The project scoping: its description, the requestors, the possible data paths, the expected benefits.
  • Sponsoring: sponsor determination and involvement.
  • Steering: defining the composition, the role and the governance of the project strategic committee ?-
  • Representativeness (General management, business management, IS) 
  • Forecast loads of members
    Procedures and collaborative tools
  • Strategic committee sensitization to Big Data specifics
  • Decision support IS / Big Analytics analogy
  • Definition of stakes, goals and milestones of the project
  • Means and budget scoping specific to the project
  • Definition of follow-up and evaluation rules for the strategic committee 

A Big Data initiative must be at the service of the business users, as it is they who will benefit from the newly acquired value in the IS. The organization must therefore reflect this ongoing working relationship between the IS management and the business.

Our contribution:

Implement the decision-support IS business dictionaries. A corporation leverages knowledge of data and in particular those data which are critical for the management and optimization of its commercial development. Documentation and data sharing are based on ongoing mapping, validation and evaluation procedures.

  • Assist in method and documentation choice, which on a technical level will be based on the I.S. meta-data of storage and quality compliance (ETL, DQM, MDM …), and which will enable progressive definition of corporate dictionaries directly by the business –savvy users.

Define the moderation and governance organization on decision-support IS projects per business field.

  • Assist in the choice and implementation of collaborative tools, enabling needs collection, support, best practice and diverse information.
  • Assist in the building of permanent decision-support IS project committees per business field. 

A Big Data / Big Analytics project relies on the most innovative methods applicable to the decision-support IS. It can in no way rely on Business Intelligence dogma or on outdated practices in the current IS.

Our contribution:

  • Sensitize the project teams to discovery or data enhancement methods in the Big Data context.
  • Sensitize the teams to BI agile methods.
  • Fast need/ergonomic/data validation, from business request via workshops and a mockup. 
  • Fast feasibility categorization through operational prototype and iterative evaluation.
  • Inventory the methods used on the current decision-support IS so as to obtain a constructive and critical assessment.
  • Develop methods tailored to the business/ DSIS culture, resources and requirements.
  • Test the implementation on the first Big Data initiative for buy-in. 

A Big Data / Big Analytics project tests the limits of capacity of the technical bases used on the DSIS. The existing bases must be adapted to meet these new challenges.

Our contribution:

  • Sensitize the DSIS teams to the Big Data markets, actors and practices. (Summary of Micropole Research & Innovation Watch).
  • Evaluate the current performance of the DSIS (and its components) and challenge it with cutting-edge technologies, independently of the Big Data issue.
  • Inventory the needs of different Big Data initiatives and undertake a gap analysis in relation to the current system with the cutting edge enhancement.
  • Consider the technical components specific to some new organizations. (DataLabs, sandbox, agile BI …).
  • Define the corporate platform technological roadmap (in relation to the legacy, milestones, project emergencies…and of course, budgets).
  • Assist in the choice of components to be replaced or missing.
  • Assemble and deploy the platform.

Define the skills enhancement plan. 

Your benefits

Your teams are going to own Big Data technology know-how, side by side with a partner who will not lose sight of the business stakes of your project.  We will partner you on the methodological and technological transformations necessary for the Big Analytics revolution.

We partner you end-to-end on your project. Our working relationship, based on training your teams, will prepare you to implement your acquisitions in a fully autonomous way, and to benefit from the new opportunities offered by Big Data.

Our added value

On the strength of their know-how, our teams partner you, helping to convert the Big Data buzz into true added value which is measurable for your corporation, and also helping to reshape your decision-support information system to make it "Big Bata-ready". 

Convinced ?

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