For New stakes...

Today, organization management is faced with new stakes.

The mobility of markets being re-segmented continues, as the appearance of new consumption, distribution and production channels and shifting scopes all combine to change management structures and processes profoundly.

The increasing number of regulatory, financial and sectorial constraints implies an increase in risk control processes.

Lastly, structural pressure on costs and focus on cash flow is nudging organizations towards a strategy of re-deployment and optimization of financial, operational and human means.

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The Micropole group, a functional and technical performance management specialist since 1991, with over 500 dedicated staff, partners you in the optimization of your decision-making and your management mode enhancement.   

The Finance function is constantly changing. Having to comply with ever-more restrictive financial, business and risk norms and regulations, the financial function above all plays a major role in strategic and financial decision-making.

These directions must be adjusted to changing markets, segmented and international, for corporations faced with structural pressure on their margins and costs, their liabilities and their assets.

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Corporate general management and business management need to assess process efficiency and the results of their strategies with the aim of optimizing their   performance.

Micropole therefore partners general and business management- risk management, HR management, purchasing management- in advising on and implementing enterprise operational and variable compensation management.

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Smart BI brings together the concepts which have emerged over the last few years around:
Data visualization, which will enable enhancement of information in a particularly explicit visual mode. Each type of information will be represented in a favored mode: histograms, gauges, mapping, which will make the information much clearer and more readable than in  a pivot table-type presentation. Color-coding, animation, navigation and user-friendliness are also elements to be carefully considered to facilitate interpretation and reading of figures.

Data discovery is the capability of drilling down and exploring information from Data and Big Data to extract information which will assist corporate development.

BI self-service aims to give more autonomy to users so that they may build their analysis models easily and by themselves, without telephone/helpline assistance.

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For the corporation who knows how to use it, the masses of available data are a real manna which can strengthen your activity, enrich your repositories even reshape your business.

It is however essential to check the potential value of the data gathered before adding it to your business information capital.

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From a qualitative and competitive standpoint, a corporation has much to gain from implementation of a Master Data Management solution to optimize its business performance.

Master data input the main corporate processes and applications. If these data are inconsistent or inaccurate, it will forcibly impact the decision-support and operational capabilities.

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The prevalence of smartphones and, even more so, that of tablets, constitutes the first true revolution since the coming of the internet.

Mobility today is a real extension of the corporate information system, and is becoming a strategic axis for both general and business management. All corporate applications will eventually have mobile extensions. This opens up new prospects and new usage for these applications.

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Our Customers


  • REFERENCE : Sushi Shop
  • REFERENCE : Française des Jeux

In the context of its ambitious growth strategy, Barclays, one of the leading foreign banks in France since 1917 and with a headcount of over 1500, entrusted Micropole and its partner SAS with improving efficiency, managing business activity  and moderating sales teams thanks to its tools for sharing and following-up on activity and performance indicators.

At stake: a totally refined sales management: the sales representatives (about 300 users) share key business indicators, the consultants follow-up their own activity over the 6 preceding weeks, and the management has an overview of all sales outlets.

«Today, we can clearly see how the overall performance is built on improvements in individual performance. »

Patrick Moyon, Manager Sales tools and Support, Barclays


Sushi Shop

To partner its development, Sushi Shop needed to strengthen its central functions, with cost Control as a priority.

The financial management called on Micropole to implement a professional reporting solution: IBM’s TM1. Once the project scope was defined, the specification stages and then the solution implementation got started.

At stake: cover of all corporate financial cycle phases through daily, monthly or annual reports. The reliability and sharing of centralized data favor easy budget development. Now make way for automated, centralized reporting with fast, unified and reliable reports to facilitate group growth!

«Our main difficulty was to be able to involve our teams, which were few, explains Sébastien Roudié, Group IS Manager. Micropole expertise and organization was a differentiating factor here, as was deadline compliance. They made themselves very available, which enabled us to move ahead quickly. »

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The FNMF chose Micropole to lead a study of different market solutions meeting the 3 main axes of Solvability 2.
Twenty or so vendors were met, and about 60 criteria were assessed per solution. Done in 2012 and 2013, this panorama enabled having a view of market developments over 2 years,  to identify the solutions which enabled having a view of market developments over 2 years, and identifying the most suitable solutions for corporate needs (size, units, workflow, application pools and existing technology, target, presence on the French market, XBRL certification…)

Française des Jeux

Micropole partnered the Française des Jeux on its Data Mining and customer knowledge project based on SAS solutions.

See the full   testimony (FR)

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Our Partners

Micropole relies on leading market solutions for the development of applications and works with the main vendors whose offers enable « mobilizing » the application.

The Micropole business teams have developed close partnerships with the top specialists in the market who offer products dedicated to enterprise solutions.

We are proud to be notably:

  • An SAP Gold Partner
  • An IBM Premier Business Partner
  • An Oracle Gold Partner
  • A Microsoft Gold Partner
  • An SAS Alliance Gold member

Micropole is certified on the leading market solutions specialized in performance management, and particularly:

  • IBM Cognos, IBM Cognos TM1
  • SAP BW, SAP BI 4.0, SAP HANA and SAP BPC (Business Planning & Consolidation)
  • Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Business Intelligence Entreprise Edition
  • Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Reporting Services, Microsoft Performance Point
  • SAS Business Intelligence, SAS Performance Management …