The key benefit of CRM (Customer Relationship Management): the enhancement of customer [value] and [loyalty] through better knowledge.

A CRM project within a corporation must enable greater and stronger sales in line with company strategy. To meet targets and forecasts,  the CRM must bring together several corporate support functions : General Management, Sales management and Marketing management.

Our CRM offer

Micropole helps you to effectively manage  customer data and to implement smooth data handling processes. Our  CRM offer rounds out  the Group's other areas of expertise : BI (360° vista,  analytic CRM, segmentation…), Business Applications (Websites, Web services, technology and   e-business portals), ERP (back office link, repositories , pending…).

The goals

These may be defined in relation to the CRM acronym :


C - We place  a single client and prospect base at your disposal, enhanced and shared by all your staff, to create real customer capital value.


R - a  360° vista of customers enables precise definintion of all corporate staff interaction, covering  all contacts through all channels. Collective performance requires going beyond simple customer relationship data to include inter-staff relational data.


M - Quality of service, marketing operations, your sales organization: these  make up the basis of your operational management. They would be managed in relation to the dashboards and performance indicators as defined  by the analytic module.