Thursday 19 March 2020

Micropole Group's Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in a pandemic episode

In order to deal with the current crisis, we update all the immediate measures, taken both reactively and proactively in our 16 agencies, to help limit the spread of COVID-19.


Dear Customers, Dear Partners,


Due to the strong spread of new cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) throughout the world, the Micropole Group would like to inform you of all the immediate measures, taken both reactively and proactively, to help limit its expansion and deal with the current crisis.


It is certain that this unprecedented crisis is affecting each of us, changing our bearings, our routines, and forcing us to rethink our lives, starting with our professional life and the organization of our company and our business. As excellence and trust are part of our shared values, we would like to share the action plan that we have implemented with 1,200 employees in our 16 agencies.


Concerned about everyone's health and in accordance with government containment guidelines related to the COVID-19 epidemic, we are implementing our Business Continuity Plan, which will enable us to continuously monitor the development of the current crisis and its impacts. At this time, our priorities focus on the following:


1) The health of our employees, first and foremost


All our employees have been reminded on several occasions of all the hygiene measures to be taken in the event of a pandemic. Employees can take sick leave if and for as long as necessary. Business travel was previously limited and controlled, and has been prohibited since March 16.



2) Deployment of teleworking


The Micropole Group is already committed to protecting and providing a safe environment for all its employees. As agility and flexibility are at the heart of our operating modes, we have asked our employees who have the possibility to work from home, whenever this is possible and approved by our customers.


As a Data & Digital Experience specialist, Micropole has a solid and high-performance infrastructure and is developing a strong SaaS culture based on the Cloud. We have extended our teams' access to our secure networks, our videoconferencing facilities and our collaborative tools. Our IT systems are adapted to remote working and our employees and management are embracing this way of working.


Almost all of our employees are equipped with laptops, enabling them to work efficiently everywhere. We have already implemented security policies that guide our teams to ensure the highest level of confidentiality and data protection.



3) The strength of the collective in an international Group


Micropole takes all measures necessary to maintain the highest possible level of service and performance on an international scale and in all of its activities, while preserving the health of its employees and all persons in contact with them in the course of their work.


In such a context, and more than ever before, the Micropole Group can thus count on the strength of its international dimension. Bringing together numerous professions and sectors of activity, in the event one of our employees becomes infected, our Group can quickly identify a suitable resource to on-board your assignment.



4) A stronger bond with our employees and customers


Lastly, during this exceptional period, we have strengthened internal communication and set up a specific HR unit to respond to our employees' questions and concerns in a reactive and efficient manner. We also want to strengthen our ability to listen to our clients and remain focused on the challenges facing their companies and the success of their projects.


We are now ready to manage the challenges of business continuity and to carry out our projects for our clients with the same level of quality and commitment. We constantly keep abreast of developments, re-evaluate the situation in real time and adjust our action plans accordingly.


Via, we remain at your disposal to answer your questions.


Thank you for your confidence,


Micropole Group