Monday 23 June 2014

Customer testimony: the town of Saint-Étienne endows itself with the first totally dematerialized cultural portal with Micropole.

In 2005, the town of Saint Étienne implemented a cultural offer geared to the 16-25 year age group, the Sainté Pass.

The principle 13 coupons for 10 euros enabling reductions for shows, exhibitions…a popular  initiative, but for which the paper format quickly proved to be limiting.  In 2010, sales dropped by half. The decision was therefore taken to create an innovative wholly dematerialized portal to boost the offer.


With almost 6000 sales on launch, the Sainté Pass was really popular with young people, but this trend slowed quickly. In the light of this fact, the Mission Jeunesse et Vie Etudiante of Saint-Etienne launched a major opinion poll in 2010. The feedback from the youth was pitiless: the paper system offered little visibility on offers available and was too inflexible. At the end of 2011, the town therefore decided to completely re-think the offer and to modernize it by equipping itself with a web portal and a mobile site which is clear, aesthetically pleasing and flexible.

An experimental project

The project has a particularly innovative side: to create the first ever portal in France to propose a dematerialized offer end-to-end.   While this represents a stimulating challenge, it’s also a daring bet.  “The constraints were very high: registration, order, payment and e ticket, and even a dedicated mobile site: all had to be done on-line, explains the IS Manager. Another requirement was to obtain maximum flexibility for partner establishments who manage their advertisements directly on-line. Lastly, the deadlines were very tight: the site had to be on-line in April 2013.” Following the launch on the market, the Micropole and MoneyLib partnership was found especially attractive thanks to the high level of flexibility offered and to the TicketLib ticketing system. « It was a bet. The guarantees brought by the project management reassured us. We appreciated their approach. The site they proposed was much more flexible, malleable and scalable than those demonstrated by the other bidders. » - essential conditions to comply with deadlines and costs.  The bet was won: the site went live on April 17th 2013.

A risk which totally paid off 

Design, conception, project management … Micropole led the project end-to-end and positioned itself as single point of contact for the towns’ Information System Management: a sure guarantee of follow-up quality. « From the summer of 2012, we set up a group of young Saint Etienne beta testers, both students and working, to get their feedback on the mock-ups, which allowed us to move forward very quickly on the prerequisites.   Micropole was operating at every stage and managed the ticketing system with TicketLib. This enabled considerable time-gains and having a single contact person. Moreover, they designed the site under Drupal 7 at our request, for greater consistency with our current information system, which was already up and running. » The site still requires some tweaking, but since September 2nd 2013, the Sainté Pass is fully available through a mobile site and the Web portal. The icing on the cake: the option of predefining centers of interest so as to receive customized benefits, free offers, tickets sent directly to a smartphone…  « Micropole reassured us throughout the project, and rang the warning bells whenever necessary. Without a doubt, one of the keys to the success of the project!   ».

Expert Opinion

In the context of this project, Micropole developed a web portal and a mobile site in partnership with Ticketlib.


Micropole partnered the Ville de Saint-Etienne over all project phases (Design, development, project management, deployment and training). At every stage, Micropole showed itself to be available and reactive: the team involvement throughout the project clearly contributed greatly to its success.  


Moreover, the Micropole and Ticketlib teams worked closely together from the scoping phase to the deployment of the solution. This smooth coordination enabled delivery of the solution to deadline. 


The content management system used by Micropole is the Drupal CMS. This free solution notably enables good content and user management as well as easier access control. Its benefits: flexibility, ease of administration and modularity!



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The project in short:

Technology used: Drupal v7, content management tool (CMS)

Users: All young residents of Saint Etienne from 18 to 25 Benefits:

  • User-friendliness and ease of use  for all actors
  • Suited to young peoples’ habits: dematerialization and mobility.
  • Scalability over time.
  • Application autonomy