Wednesday 29 May 2013

OASIS Consultants, pioneer in real estate management with the SAP All-in-One Real Estate module.

A specialist in ERP-SAP solutions, OASIS Consultants is an innovator in Belgium in real estate patrimony management, thanks to the SAP All-in-One Real Estate module.

Today, demand has tripled and real estate management is recognized as being a major stake for all enterprises. Interview of Ann Franssens, OASIS Consultants’ general manager.


As early as the year 2000, OASIS Consultants noticed a real demand in terms of real estate inventory management. At that time, there was no dedicated solution on the market. An SAP Gold Partner, the Belgian subsidiary of Micropole decided to develop Real Estate, an SAP All-in-One –based vertical solution. « Our first customer, the town of Gand, had a significant social real estate inventory to administer, explains Ann Franssens, general manager of the Belgian OASIS Consultants subsidiary. However, some rental contracts had never been activated. The town was therefore losing a lot of money »: an identical situation to that of many companies. 


An overall view of patrimony 

The public Sector, banks and insurance companies, real estate and commercial companies (office and store rental…), this module integrates a 360 view of building management. « The goal is to offer customers a single solution in which they have all information relating to their inventory at their disposal: all buildings are registered in the system as well as rental contracts (indexed yearly); works such as restoration and painting are also indicated, as are more significant tasks undertaken by sub-contractors (electrical…); lastly, invoicing and accounting operations are fully integrated, which enables precise evaluation of the profitability of each building ». A considerable asset for optimal management of real estate inventory.


Thanks to SAP All-in-One, the end user accesses all features. « AXA, for example, had four to five different applications to manage its real estate, which necessitated entering each piece of data per building several times. With Real Estate, they can now access all data in a one single application. »


A ROI obtained from three thousand rental units 

In thirteen years, Real Estate-related enquiries have tripled. « Today we have around 15 customers and we are currently developing an offer for the Belgian Rail company. » Moreover, the module is now deployed extensively in Germany, the Netherlands and Canada. Strong demand, which has caused SAP to dedicate an in-house employee full-time to this. Thanks to its expertise, OASIS Consultants has implemented tested processes which enable a fast response to customer needs.

« We install a preconfigured system on the customer site, which cuts integration time. However, everything depends on the data transformation time to SAP. On average, a Real Estate project lasts between six and twelve months. »


Today the subsidiary is planning on new enhancements. « The module currently integrates with accounting, purchasing, project management and maintenance. We are working on the Customer Service feature: if a customer has a problem with a tenant or an electricity failure, for example, s/he can report it directly on the web. » Plan presentation will also be enhanced: the identification of equipment will thus be indicated to facilitate technician call-outs. « I love this module: it is so easy to use and companies realize the importance of good management of their patrimony », enthuses Ann Franssens.



About the solution

OASIS Consultants, the Belgian subsidiary of Micropole, is an SAP Gold Partner. It developed the Real Estate module in 2000.


The Issue: to offer overall management of real estate inventory through a single interface.

The Customers: Around 15, but demand has tripled in 2013.

Implementation time: six to twelve months depending on the data transformation time to SAP. 


The benefits:

·         A central data base: a single record with an overall view of all information.

·         Complete integration: from the construction to the operating of a building, all data is entered in the same application.

·         Integration of building plans.

·         Centralization of information.


·         A very easy- to- use solution: creation of a building, link to works undertaken, integrated accounting.