Micropole publishes its 2013 financial calendar

Micropole, an international engineering and consulting group, specialized in the fields of Business Intelligence, e-Business, ERP and CRM, presents its forecast financial communications calendar for FY 2013.



The press releases will be disseminated after the closing if the Paris stock market. They may be viewed on the Micropole internet site, www.micropole.com, Investors section.



FY 2012

  • Annual accounts closed at 31/12/2012: Tuesday April 9th 2013


FY 2013

  • 1st quarter 2013 turnover: Monday May 6th   2013
  • 2nd quarter 2013 turnover: Tuesday July   30th 2013
  • 2013 1st half-year results: Monday September 16th 2013
  • 3rd quarter 2013 turnover: Thursday November 7th 2013
  • 4th quarter 2013 turnover: Thursday February 6th   2014
  • Annual accounts closed at 31/12/2013: Wednesday April 9th 2014


The dates indicated may be subject to modification by Micropole. In the event of modification, the financial calendar on the group internet site will be updated: www.micropole.com.