The Montpellier University Hospital manages its activity by tablet

Expert opinion: David Moulin, expert consultant, Micropole


Micropole was called upon in July 2012 to partner the Montpellier University Hospital for assistance in securing its mobile platform and in the deployment of IBM Cognos reports to I-Pad tablets.


It was vital that the users be able to look up the same data and the same reports whatever their location (P.C.s, laptops, and above all, tablet). In this context, the most important point was to ensure maximum security (access to reports and data) with the fewest possible constraints for the user (without multiple identification). Our expertise on IBM Cognos architecture and mobility enabled us to get through this first stage successfully. The Montpellier University Hospital was then fully autonomous in deploying this solution to its users.


The second stage consisted of a load increase in terms of volume of information made available to users. New, more detailed reports were to be disseminated.


In 2013, Micropole has continued to work with the hospital to streamline its IBM Cognos platform so as to guarantee the same level of performance notwithstanding the increase in information.


Incidentally, to broaden the number of Cognos report developers, Micropole is training the Hospital teams. 


This CHU – Micropole co-production is very rewarding. Micropole brings its expertise to the table. The hospital, cutting-edge in terms of mobility, has brought its business experience and diversity. We share the same mind-set in terms of innovation” David Moulin, expert consultant, Micropole Rhône-Alpes.



David Moulin /