The Montpellier University Hospital manages its activity by tablet


Award-winners in 2009 and 2011 for its management system under IBM Cognos, the Montpellier University Hospital has shown itself to be at the cutting edge of innovation in terms of managing its business. Thus, in the first quarter of 2012, the IS management and Cost control divisions decided to put their decision-support I.S. on tablet.  The stake: real-time access to data and optimized reactiveness.  



Firmly oriented towards innovation, the Montpellier university Hospital endowed itself with an infocenter as early as 1992. Analytic compatibility was integrated two years later, and then at the beginning of the 2000s, the management delegation opened the information to all divisions. At the end of 2011, the decision was made to equip all the hospital supervisory staff with tablets, amounting to about one hundred persons: management committee, executive committee, general management, administrative management, delegate directors, division heads, executives, etc.


The goal: to favor real-time access to data. This represents significant time-gain for Marie-Thérèse Harbulot, Manager of the MUH Decision-support I.S. « In a meeting, this is particularly appreciable. The teams have access to the business dashboards, to key figures, to their own division data, and even to HR information and budget follow-up! No more need to spend hours searching for information, as essential data is now accessed in real time »


Security, a key project stake 

In early 2012, the in-house teams trained on Cognos Mobile and quickly proposed a first mock-up. However, the specific stakes of mobility pushed them to call in an external supplier to partner them. « Wi-Fi, the authentication system, data security, and the risk of iPad loss or theft …these are not aspects which we felt able to master. IBM recommended Micropole, and we were not disappointed. Without their help, the project would have taken much longer.» Two Cognos experts partnered the teams in the creation of business reports, interface architecture and securing the mobile solution. «No medical information is available on iPad. In addition, we can de-activate the tablet remotely in the event of loss or theft. We are fully satisfied as mobility is truly one of the levers on which we rely to improve working conditions and also the patient circuit within the hospital.»


Data quality

The first French hospital to deploy such a solution, the Montpellier University Hospital does not intend to stop there. The next step: to reinforce the operational activity through the integration of the week dashboard… with Micropole. The goal is to strengthen interactivity in real time, notably thanks to integrated messaging « Everything is based on our master data quality. But eventually, the idea is to regulate patient care from beginning to end of the whole clinical path. » There is no doubt that the Montpellier University Hospital will be able to achieve this project successfully. 



The project in a nutshell

Issue: Implement a management system on a mobile solution to boost executive staff reactiveness and improve patient care.  

Users: 100-120

Project duration: 3 months


  • Speed of solution buy-in 
  • Graphic and ergonomic interface
  • User-friendly
  • Real-time access to data 

Prizes : The Montpellier University Hospital received awards for its management system:

  • In 2009 at BM World Cognos
  • In 2011 at HIT




David Moulin /