Since early June, MICROPOLE has been searching for talent with the help of two new career speces, on FACEBOOK and LINKEDIN.


In this way, the  group is establishing a hiring strategy which goes beyond that of the « hunt » and offers applicants a comprehensive experience which includes highlighting the corporate in-house policy and staff, through testimonials, direct access to group experts and HR teams, publication of news and of course, promotion of positions open.


The choice of Facebook and LinkedIn platforms was made on the basis of two application typologies which each platform addresses:

  • Profiles from 0 to 5 years’ experience on Facebook, for whom the message and  graphics are ‘younger’ and geared to diversity and skills enhancement.
  • Profiles from 5 to 10 years’ experience on LinkedIn, where the emphasis is on the added-value positioning of offers  per business line, and on career prospects and management 


« Facebook and the Work4Us application enable us to show our dynamism, our on –the-ground actions, our corporate successes and, of course, our offers. Here, we notably pursue the contacts initiated during workshops in schools or at trade fairs. On LinkedIn, we’ve built a space consistent with the hiring activities led by the group, such as the Cooking & Hiring workshops, where we meet senior applicants in small groups to talk about strategy; here, we only display high-level offers, to hire the top managers of tomorrow. Obviously, for these rare and sought-after profiles which represent 2/3 of our hires in 2013, LinkedIn is the best channel to make contact and show our distinguishing features », asserts Amélie Viéville, Recruitment Officer France.


Convinced that traditional job boards, while still inevitable, are no longer the best hiring vectors on its market, Micropole has decided to significantly strengthen its presence on the main social networks. By offering true access to the company, the group wishes to multiply its contacts and catch ‘invisible’ talent on the job market.


This digital strategy, a real long-term investment, has both sense and value for a company like Micropole which hires on profile and wishes to bring talent on board which can grow alongside us”, concludes Nathalie Choux, HRO of the Group.


Contact: myjob@micropole.com