Optimal business management for Plantin thanks to OASIS Consultants

Thierry-Naze“Now, our purchasing managers have fewer administrative tasks to complete. What’s more, quarterly reporting takes them much less time, too. This means they can concentrate on higher value-added tasks in their daily jobs.”




Marketing & Operations Director, Plantin


Plantin, a Belgian SME specializing in the graphics industry, wanted to unify its IT systems and so called upon OASIS Consultants, an SAP Gold partner and recent addition to the Micropole group, for its expertise in SAP software, specifically automated processes and easy-to-manage IT structures.


Boosted productivity

With general accounting, auditing, budgeting, sales and after-sales, purchases and stocks to manage, logistical features were a priority for Plantin, which processes around 25,000 orders a year and manages 80 field engineers.


Thanks to SAP Business All-in-One, all these processes are now streamlined and harmonized: employee schedules, real-time connections for roaming personnel, automated accountancy procedures, cost estimations… all of which means that human error risks and invoicing time have been considerably reduced! Moreover, the MRS (Multi Resource Scheduling) module automatically allocates assignments to external personnel, who now have a real-time connection to the office via their PDAs. This Belgian SME is very satisfied with the integrated solution and now has plans afoot to roll out the software package in the Netherlands!


“Our first assessment of SAP is wholly positive. In the future we will make even greater use of the possibilities offered by the system, which will allow us to create more detailed reports and KPIs. The SAP system has already been rolled out at our new sales and production site at Wetteren and our sister company in the Netherlands will soon follow suit,” confirms Thierry Nazé, Oasis Consultant, Belgium's leading ERP company.







How to automate and harmonize critical processes via a single, reliable IT provider. 


SAP Business All-in-One


  • More efficient processes (finance, auditing, logistics, personnel, etc.)
  • Improved report generation
  • Reduced admin
  • Optimized stock management
  • Greater productivity of service-providing personnel




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