Serious games: a novel approach to learn

The time for ICT in education has come. ‘Serious gaming’, which incites and immerses users more than standard e-learning, is garnering growing interest thanks to its entertaining and ‘web 2.0’ features. Derived from video gaming, it educates learners through simulation. .


The ‘serious games’ market is estimated to be growing at an annual rate of 15% to 30% and, according to IDATE*, will be worth around US$50 billion by 2013, such is the extent of corporate demand. The concept is based around well-established principles: game-playing rules which encourage non-linear contents, personal customization with avatars and challenges to take up, all within an entertainment environment.


‘Serious games’ also enable the behaviour patterns of learners to be analysed via a large array of indicators throughout the game. Interactive and attractive, they encourage a more successful learning experience, without however wholly replacing traditional learning or ‘game learning’ (scripted learning)..

succubus This is why Micropole, an expert in the deployment of technological and educational e-learning solutions, is partnering with Succubus Interactive, a French pioneer in ‘serious games’, to enrich its offer with essential technological savoir-faire for projects like these. Consequently, it will now be able to propose customized content and support, from the game’s initial design stage to analysis of the results.


* European Institute for Audiovisual and Telecommunications (Institut de l’Audiovisuel et des Télécommunications en Europe, IDATE)





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