Steve Caroff, Human Resources Information Systems Manager, Crédit Coopératif

Steve CaroffThe Crédit Coopératif group, part of the BPCE group, has over 2,000 personnel spread throughout 110 branches in France within its two networks: Crédit Coopératif and BTP-Banque. Their goal: To provide a cooperative banking service under the Crédit Coopératif umbrella to support communities and stakeholders in the social economy by offering a range of banking and financial products. BTP-Banque specializes in construction business banking.




Why did you decide to review your performance-related compensation system?
Steve Caroff: Our previous system, which we deployed internally in 2004, no longer suited our development strategy or our new quantitative and qualitative criteria. Neither could we upgrade it, so we decided to go for a market application as part of the overhaul of our performance-related compensation policy for 1,100 employees in the Crédit Coopératif and BTP-Banque networks.


What led you to choose Micropole?
SC: After prior examination of our needs, our consultants recommended the Excentive solution, in which Micropole has qualified expertise. We opted for Micropole, with whom we were already working on other projects, and we don’t regret our choice. They were extremely professional during deployment and gave us sound advice about how to optimize the solution.


What was it like working together?
SC: We launched the project at the beginning of October 2010 and by mid-March 2011, the solution went online. Time was very short, but Micropole, who supported us throughout the project, had no problem meeting the deadlines. Our teams worked together from the parameter definition stage and once the solution was deployed, Micropole was very quick to provide corrections during the testing phase. Ultimately, the Excentive solution meets our current requirements really well. Each employee can follow their progress towards meeting their targets. Thanks to Micropole’s thorough knowledge of the software, they played a large part in the success of the project. The initial feedback we have had is very satisfying. We are naturally thinking of calling upon Micropole again to install an Excentive add-on to manage our salary policy.

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