One in four IT projects is abandoned1. What about yours?

Considering that 41% French companies expect their IT expenses to increase between now and 20122, this may come as a surprise. The main reason for this failure rate is resistance to change!

User support throughout a computer deployment project is a key component of change management. Even today, too many companies still neglect this critical point.


Educational engineering

Equipped with the skills of both integrator and trainer, Micropole Institute provides an overall project vision drawn up around a multimodal instruction kit to support its clients upstream, during and downstream of roll-out.


The Training Transfer Knowledge Force (TTKF) approach enables the face-to-face method to be coupled with an e-learning model specific to each pathway. Therefore, users benefit from training materials, exercises and interactive slides that keep them up-to-date throughout the project and help them buy in to the project.



Ministry of Industry and Finance, Lafarge, Generali, Novartis…


1 Standish Group, Chaos Report 2009
2 Study of 2,100 medium-sized companies in the world by KS&AE.