Sodexo-Micropole: a winning ticket
made in China

Jacek Zarzycki  



JaceK zarzycKi
Tools & System Expert at Sodexo China

In 2011, Sodexo China decided to fit out its kitchen and restaurant design office with a customized, multilingual application, which could be accessed from any country. This aimed at making more accurate numerical assessments of the equipment required for the smooth operation of our websites (restaurants, dining rooms, kitchens and points of sale, etc.) by relying on a centralised, regularly updated catalogue.


Why did you choose to work with Micropole?

Jacek Zarzycki: We were looking for an IT service provider in Shanghai. On the advice of one of my colleagues, I contacted Micropole China (formerly Easteq), which soon came up with a solution suited to our needs: the provision of an on-site consultant in our offices. We had already initiated the project with another service provider based in China but Micropole China took over from June. The first phase is being finalised and we anticipate further feature add-ons.

What are the main advantages of your solution?

JZ: Our project managers’ tasks will be much easier: in just a few clicks, they’ll have access to the equipment which best fits the proposal made to the client. Our employees will be able to come up with documents in several languages, without necessarily being familiar with them. We will be able to prepare a quote or purchase order in English, for example, but print it in Chinese. In this way, we hope to be able to exchange and capitalise on experiences between countries more easily.

What advice would you give a company wishing to initiate this type of project?

JZ: In China, IT service providers don’t work in quite the same way as they do in France. It is important to make frequent checks to ensure that the progress of the project completely matches the initial requirements. It is our first project with Micropole China and we appreciate their availability, flexibility and ability to listen.



Sodexo is the world leader in “on-site comprehensive service solutions”: catering, construction, hospitality services, medical equipment maintenance, etc. Sodexo is also active in incentive solutions, offering a wide range of service vouchers to businesses and authorities: lunch vouchers, gift vouchers etc.

At a glance

  • Group set up in 1986 in Marseille
  • Present in 80 countries
  • 380,000 workers at 34,000 sites


  • Division created in 1995
  • More than 15,000 employees at 600 sites
  • Subsidiary of Micropole group in China (Shanghai and Hong Kong)