Proximity, durability and reputation:
a triple whammy for Ofac

David Voltz  



David Voltz

Chief Information Officer at Ofac


In 1963, Switzerland had more than one thousand health insurance funds for five million patients, causing a real administrative headache for pharmacists. Then, Ofac was created - the Swiss pharmacists’ cooperative professional. Its role was to alleviate administrative tasks, among other things, by computerising them!


“We deliver all types of services to pharmacists, except drugs,” explains David Voltz, Chief Information Officer at Ofac. Although Switzerland has no more than 90 insurance funds for seven million insured today, its role has remained unchanged.


“We process more than fifteen million bills per year. Six years ago, we began to overhaul our billing back office with several objectives in mind, linked to performance, efficiency and data protection.”


The project is estimated to last for three years. Therefore, since 2005, the cooperative has drawn on outside resources to support its own team along this long journey. “Outsourced” engineers are delegated to work within Ofac’s development Unit.


Fully immersed teams

The service provider selected was Cross, the Swiss subsidiary of the Micropole group.


“They have many assets: geographic closeness, a sterling reputation and a corporate culture matching our own. Their engineers slotted into our structure perfectly. This is essential as they could represent up to one third of our staff. Their responsiveness, skills and knowledge were very enriching and truly key to the success of the project.”


From customer relationship to bonds of trust

The satisfaction expressed by Ofac has never waivered since that time. Today, Cross is still the main supplier of development engineers to the cooperative and is working on three new projects.


“Our relationship was extremely clear and well defined from the beginning and this has enabled us to work with total transparency and with mutual understanding. Everything is formalised by means of contracts. There’s no question of hiring one of their engineers without their prior agreement.” A lasting relationship that extends well beyond simple customer relationship!



Issues to be considered

Overhaul of billing back office.

  • More than 1,350 member pharmacies throughout Switzerland, that is, 80% of the pharmacies in the country.
  • More than 15 million bills issued per year for a total of more than 2.2 billion Swiss francs
  • 50 million scanned documents per year
  • 350 employees