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Élisabeth Marle-Lanot 
Marketing Manager at FranFinance

FranFinance is a fully-owned subsidiary of the Société Générale group. Specialising in consumer credit, its business involves working in partnership with numerous retailers to offer financing solutions to their individual clients. 700 employees are dedicated to personal financing in France.

Why did you set up the Franfinance.fr website?

Élisabeth Marle-Lanot: we wanted to gain new clients via the web channel, with a range of personal loans. Our aim was to develop the direct sale of loans in order to diversify our offer. We launched our invitation to tender in June 2010 and on March 21st 2011 the website went live!

What set this project apart?

EML: Wide appealed to us because of its precise, full understanding of our needs as well as its grasp of the technical aspects. That’s why the project ran so smoothly, especially as it covers really critical requirements for us. Right from the start Wide proposed an interface which met all of our expectations. The agency was able to identify and represent our needs immediately. The issue was how to set us apart from our competitors whilst remaining faithful to our low-key, serious image. In this respect, Wide was able to translate the image of our brand perfectly in the artistic direction proposed.

What are the benefits?

EML: Wide has achieved its qualitative objective 100% in terms of design and upgradeability requirements. Traffic will only begin to be generated in 2012, so we don’t have any quantitative feedback on the website as yet. We are also in the running-in period where processes and tracking are concerned but the initial tests are already very convincing. For us this is a very strategic project, so we are taking our time. But Wide has played a very significant role in making the successful. The teams have been receptive, responsive and they had excellent training skills. We established a really trusting relationship, both at technical and marketing levels.