Roger Brancucci
or digital marketing from A to Z

Roger Brancucci  

They may mean nothing to you but for Roger Brancucci,
e-Marketing Centre Manager at Cross Agency, these acronyms hold no secrets! His aim is to develop digital marketing by creating synergies between the entities of the group and the different business sectors.


Roger Brancucci
Head of Digital Marketing Services at Cross Agency



Mediamatician (“web computer scientist”), media management engineer and with a Masters degree in information systems, Roger Brancucci is an ITC enthusiast and likes to get to the bottom of things. And, despite a very hectic job, he has succeeded.

“I was still working on my Master’s when a friend suggested that I join Cross. So, for one year, I divided my time between studies, university assignments and the agency. It was a very interesting year… but jam-packed!” 


Creating synergies

His role is to anticipate client needs and advise them on their digital strategy or the channels to be used to implement their actions… without neglecting “traditional” marketing (offline).


“Tasks are clearly shared out within the digital marketing centre: my colleague Mathieu is “Mr Social relations” in the agency whereas I take care of  the referencing and email issues  etc. Thanks to the way we complement each other, we meet the expectations of our clients, as diverse as they may be. In a four year timeframe, I have worked with 60 businesses of all sizes and in all sectors… except for sex, weapons and drugs,” he jokes.


Mr “Acronyms”

Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Social Media Optimisation (SMO), Social Media Advertising (SMA), emailing, Web Analytics, affiliation…

“and even more acronyms and new channels offered by Internet marketing. What do I like most? The dynamism of digital marketing! It is a sector which is constantly evolving: social networks, referencing… You can’t get bored!”

The cherry on the cake: the double certification Google Adwords and Google Analytics! However, Roger Brancucci has not forgotten his earlier loves all the same: the saxophone which he has been playing since the age of ten with a preference for blues and jazz, football and model making.

“What I like best about miniature models is again the techie side. Making my radio-controlled car evolve, improving its performance and then challenging my dad and my brother!”

“What do I like most? The vitality of digital marketing!”


2011: Head of Digital Marketing Services at Cross Agency
2009: Masters in Information Systems, from HEC Lausanne
2008: E-marketing Consultant at Cross Agency
2007: E-Marketing Executive, at Colorplaza S.A.
2006: Media Management Engineer, Haute École d’Ingénierie et de Gestion in Yverdon