Key FigureS

  • 79% of readers adopt a “sweep” type read: they scan the page rather than read it.
  • The French spent 17.5 billion euro over the Internet as at the 1st half-year 2011. 
  • +15%  In one year, the number of Internet purchasers rose by 15%, that is, 4.1 million new enthusiasts.
    (Source: Médiamétrie - Observatoire des Usages Internet, April-June 2011)


Products / services bought on line

in the 1st half-year 2011 – As a percentage of Internet users

Source: Baromètre Fevad Médiamétrie / NetRatings 2011



*Tickets, photo prints, downloading, press subscriptions, television,

  telephone and Internet access subscriptions, etc.